Casual Interior Design

Anna Sotnik

“Have what you love, pick what you like, design your home with your heart and not with pictures from magazines.”

No strict scope and laws, no specific shapes or colors. The basis of this style is you and your comfort zone. All those things that make you feel free, cozy and convenient.
You can mix all shapes, textures and colors to create this style. It’s simple, warm and inviting. Some people may even consider this style sloppy, careless and messy, without the formality of style or order. But some people may find themselves more organized and comfortable in a messy and cluttered room.

Living room by Clear Plan Design studio

Elements of casual design include:

1. Natural, soft and cozy materials and fabrics, such as cotton, linen, flax or wool, with mixed colors and patterns.

Where to buy this pillow

Where to buy this pillow

2. Free style that mix comfort and beauty


3. Furniture pieces are over-sized, comfortable and functional.

Where to buy this armchair

Where to buy this chair

4. Absence of order or symmetry in furniture arrangement.
5. Light window cowering: shutters, blinds or shades.

6. Color palette is mixed: cream, white, red, brown, green, yellow or blue.

Where to buy this vase

7. The floor covering may be parquet, tiles or carpeting

8. Area rugs are large, with geometrical or flower patterns

Where to buy this wall art paint

Where to buy this carpet

9. Many cozy accessories, such as candles, pillows, plants and vases.


Where to buy this lamp

10. Ottoman and coffee table are big and chunky, which gives a comfortable feeling.


Where to buy this ottoman

Where to buy this coffee table

11. Hammered or wrought iron and antiqued brass are used for the hardware on doors, lamps, accessories and drawers.


Where to buy this lamp

Casual interior design is very simple and easy, but you have to be very careful with mixing too many colors and textures in one room. Try to focus on 5 basic colors and 3 textures to make your room warm, cozy and inviting. You can always use our online interior design services if you need advice or help with getting the perfect result.

More design styles:








Living room by Clear Plan Design studio

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