Coastal Design

Anna Sotnik

Interior design is really about creating a quality of life, and a beauty in that life that nourishes the soul, that makes life beautiful. That’s what all this about, not just what’s in and what’s out.

“A coastal space takes its cues from the natural environment for everything from color palette through to materials used,” says Will Taylor, author of Dream Decor, and the blogger behind Bright Bazaar. “The core features are usually jute textures, earth tones, layered blues, crisp whites, stripes, and loose linen upholstery.”
Light, open, airy interiors, with soft tones and a clean aesthetic, evoke the breeziness of the beach and make you feel like summer year-round inside your home.

Bedroom Design by Clear Plan Design studio

Elements of coastal design include:

1. Sandy shades, off-whites, cream, soft grays and blues provide a fresh foundation for the coastal design.

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2. Over-sized windows with minimal window treatment.


Coastal design based mostly on natural materials, t’s almost like Contemporary (2019) or Scandinavian design in the sense that – “less is more”. Spaces free of clutter, well planned and organized with attention to every detail. Every shelf is a piece of art in selected decor and it’s arrangement. It’s all about natural lights, materials and textures. Though wood is common, it will usually be white-washed, blond maple or ash.

3. Furniture is casual, comfortable, and simple, usually made out of wicker, bamboo, rattan and light weathered woods.

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4. Rugs are generally straw, seagrass or jute.

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5. Tiles or natural wood parquet are the most common choices for flooring.

6. Simple, cozy accessories – shells, vases, woven baskets, lanterns.

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7. Jute pendant lamps, crystal chandeliers and antique table lamps mixed with modern bulbs and spots.


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8. Durable, worry-free, cozy furnishings are essential to a coastal home’s interior. Orange and yellow accent colors as pieces of sun and simple lines like the clear summer sky and the sea line on the horizon.

Design by: Willey Design

“Feeling as though there’s no boundary between indoors and outdoors” – by Sienna Fantozzi from House Beautiful

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9. Large comfortable sofas with soft, accent plush cushions and natural, soft fabrics – linen, cotton, muslin and calico.


10. Accenting with soft, sandy hues or strong, nautical tones allows the coastal vibe to wash freely throughout the home.


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Living room by Clear Plan Design studio

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