Elegant Design

Anna Sotnik

“Have what you love, pick what you like, design your home with your heart and not with pictures from magazines.”

Elegant style in our modern world represents clean lines, minimalism, luxury and high quality furnishing. When it comes to decorating your home to look high-end and custom-made, details are the key. Furniture and accessories should look as though they’re adorned with hand-carved accents and gold- or silver-leafing.
– “A glimpse of marble here, a gracious antique there – and each vignette is layered with glam style.” – By: 

Entrance room by Clear Plan Design studio

Elements of elegant design include:

1. Elegant design keeps the details simple and spare so that the interiors feel tranquil rather than overly ornate. Large comfortable sofas and soft, accent cushions in clean, simple and graceful lines.

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2. Expensive, quality fabrics (silk, wool, velvet and charmeuse).


Where to buy this pillow

Where to buy this pillow

Where to buy this carpet

3. There is a frequent use of accent pieces such as sculptures, mirrors, vintage and antique accessories.


4. Symmetrical balance, pleasing proportions, comfort and elegance are the keywords in this design style.


5. Luxury, glamour and sturdy crafted furniture.

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Where to buy this chandelier

6. Chandeliers are commonly used light fixtures because they bring a bit of glamour into the interior.
7. Glass, marble, gold are the most used materials.

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8. Antique accessories and table lamps with golden or nickel finishes.

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9. Color palettes are kept more subdued using a tasteful mix of icy blue, ivory, yellow, white, pink and khaki.


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10. Tiles or natural wood parquet are the most common choices for flooring.


“Choosing the right paint colors, avoiding cheap, poor quality items, and shopping wisely are the best tips for creating elegant interior.”

More design styles:








Living room by Clear Plan Design studio

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