Can you really design my space without being in it?

Absolutely – our interior designers are professionals trained to understand space and the functional needs of a room. With over 10 years in the business, we’ve earned the reputation of being a studio who “listens and really hears” what our clients have to say. All we need from you are accurate room measurements, detailed photos of your space and some time to get to know you and learn about what you’re hoping to achieve.

How much does a Design Plan cost?

That depends! You can check out our basic packages here. We offer affordable design Plans for any space, big or small.

How do you charge for a Design Plan and how do I pay?

For Clear Plan Design, you are charged a flat fee that is based on the package that you choose.

As soon as you click “Yes, I’m ready to start” we get start too!

Our super secure website will ask you for your credit card or PayPal information and a 10% deposit will be collected.

The next payment will be 40% due prior to the first virtual meeting with a designer.

Your third and final payment will be collected due prior to the delivery of your final Clear Plan Design during the second virtual meeting with a designer.

What does the cost include?

The cost depends on the package that you choose, but almost all our basic packages include:

Personal phone number and two creative computer screen sharing meetings with our Principal Designer – Anna.

Photo Realistic visualizations, with at least 2 different angles of one room;

Your Clear Plan usually includes:

  • Specific, easy-to-follow design instructions. We tell you what to do and how to do it.
  • A floor plan that illustrates the arrangement of furniture and lighting in your space.
  • A full lighting plan with complete product specifications.
  • Everything that goes on your walls, ceilings, windows and floors.
  • Detailed specifications of all items in your plan, including brand and style, images and information on where to purchase the items.
  • Fabric recommendations for all furniture, toss cushions and window treatments.
  • How-to tips on everything from hanging art to light placement.
  • We’ll do our best to source items for you locally or from online suppliers.

And the best part – your plan is digital so you can have it with you while you shop and source your items!

Once your Clear Plan is complete, it will be digitally delivered to you, along with an Inspire Presentation. Your Inspire Presentation will create confidence with your plan so that you can execute it step by step.

What is not included in the price of my Clear Plan?

That’s a lot of design talk, right?

The fees do not include support 3 months after your Clear Plan Design has been delivered – our blog page is great for this!  You can totally purchase some more time with us – we are always here to help!

What if I am not super tech-savvy?

We understand, not everyone is as comfortable with the online space. We have a solution for this by offering you the option to connect with our Technical Support team. As you fill out questionary you will be able to get all technical support you need.

How long will it take to get my Clear Plan Design?

You play a big role in your timeline. The sooner we get to know all about you, the sooner your Plan is completed. Roughly though, your Clear Plan takes four to six weeks after your first meeting with the Designer.

What do I have to do before I get my Clear Plan Design?

Your designer wants to know everything about you, your needs and your space. To do this we need:

  • Accurate room measurements
  • Photos of the room
  • Measurements and photos of the items you would like to keep or planning to buy.
  • Inspiration images of things that you like and a completed lifestyle questionnaire.

How do I pass the information to my designer?

Once the questionnaire is filled you will be automatically connected to your personal Google Drive Presentation, shared online with your designer. You can edit it at any time, add inspiration pictures and send online messages to your Designer at any time from any place. All you need – is a WI-FI connection:)

If I change my mind after I have paid my deposit, can I cancel my Clear Plan Design?

Yup, no problem!

Up until the time you have had your first creative session with your designer, your fees are 100% refundable.

If you cancel your plan up to two weeks after your First Meeting with your designer, the first and one-third of the second deposits are non-refundable.

If you cancel your plan two weeks after your First Meeting with your designer and the actual design work has started, your first and second deposits are non-refundable.

Will the information I send you be private and confidential?

Absolutely – we promise to never share any of your personal information with anyone outside of our organization.

How often will I get to meet with my designer?

As part of the Clear Plan Design process, you will meet live & online with your designer twice. First for your initial creative meeting (Inform Meeting) and a second time for your Clear Plan Design preview.

But you are more than welcome to communicate with your designer at any time via your Google Doc Presentation.

You may always purchase additional design meetings through our payment services.

How do I communicate with my designer during the design process?

All communications between you and your designer will take place through your Google Doc Presentation as well as email and Whats-app messaging.

Can I call and speak with my designer during the design process?

We do everything online so that all of the info stays in one place, so most of the time you will chat with your designer through the shared Google Doc Presentation. If you have some urgent question you can always send a message via Email or Whats-App. Our designers can’t answer the phone since we are trying to keep all the information recorded and organized in one place. 

You may always purchase design meetings through our payment services.


Can I still send my designer information after I have returned my completed questionnaire and inspiration images?

Of course! You are welcome to send additional information up until your Clear Plan preview stage.

How can I be sure my designer will understand my style and what I am looking for?

We have handpicked professionally trained designers that will take great care in getting to know who you are and what you want for your space. Your inspiration images, questionnaire and online meeting plus screen share meetings with your designer will ensure your Plan reflects who you are and how you live. Our designers use 3D visualizations to make sure you will love what you’ll get. You will be able to change and change the design again, until every angle of the interior has been studied with a steely eye before the time has been spent on figuring out how to construct it.

Will you design within my budget?

We work with your budget in mind and we do our very best to specify items in a price range that reflect the budget that you communicate in your Questionnaire. Your Questionnaire has a document that assists with setting a budget and the best way to allocate your money.

Will you tell me where to buy the items specified in my Clear Plan?

We will always try to provide you with local or online sources for the items specified in your plan and when possible we will even share a direct link to purchase!

What if the item specified in my Clear Plan becomes unavailable or out of stock?

Don’t let out of date or out of stock items get you down. You have a Clear Plan that empowers you to select an item with a similar look, style and size.

Will you tell me how much the items specified in my plan will cost?

It is hard for us to know exactly what you will pay when you shop for your items locally or on other online sources. But we are offering approximate price for every piece of furniture, art or accessories, we choose for you.

What if I can’t afford to do or buy all the things in my Clear Plan all at once?

We get it! Most people can’t afford to purchase everything at once and that is one of the best things about your Clear Plan! You get to purchase the items in your Plan at your own pace and as your budget allows. Your Clear Plan is very detailed and comprehensive, most people do not understand the level of detail required to complete a space. It’s a process, and with the detailed direction and support of your Clear Plan, you will get there.

I just painted my room - will you make me change it?

Not necessarily – if we think the room would benefit from a colour change, we will make the suggestion, but ultimately the final decision is up to you.

Ok, but I really want to paint my room before I get my Plan! Can I paint now?

Sorry, no. We don’t give you paint colours before your plan is completed.

I have existing pieces of furniture that I really love – will I have to get rid of them?

Nope! At the start of your project, we ask you to identify any items that you love, by providing us with images and measurements of those items. This is a very simple process. Your designer will do their very best to repurpose all of these items, however, if we feel the piece could work somewhere else, we’ll chat with you about it.

Will you help me set up my awesome surround sound system and audio visual equipment?

No, we don’t handle your audio visual needs, however, we will place your equipment in your Function Plan if you include the dimensions and details of each component in your portal.

Can I get started before I get my Clear Plan?

No, we don’t think you should do anything on your place before you receive your completed Clear Plan Design.

What if I want to take down a wall (or two) as part of my Plan?

We do not tell you to take out walls or address structural construction unless you have already consulted an engineer or contractor and are able to give us clear instructions.

How will my Clear Plan be delivered to me?

Wait until you see it! Your final Clear Plan Design is digitally delivered to your personal email along with an Inspire Presentation, in a format that is tablet and smartphone friendly.

Once I have my Clear Plan, do I still have access to my designer?

Once you have received your final Clear Plan Design you are ready to go and implement your Plan. Although, you no longer have access to your designer after receiving your final Clear Plan Design. You may purchase additional design meetings through our payment services. You will also get lots of additional information on our videos and blogs!

Can I make changes to my Clear Plan?

Once your Clear Plan is delivered, you become your own project manager. Your Plan has the best solution for your space so if you decide to make changes to your Plan, please understand that one change often affects many others, so choose carefully. If you want to continue to work with your designer through these changes, simply purchase additional design meetings through our payment services.

What does an additional meeting with my designer cost?

An additional meeting with your designer is charged at an hourly rate of $48 per hour. Minimum 1 hour. After the first hour, time billed at 15 min increments.

Will you help me implement my plan?

We make sure that your Plan is Clear and super easy-to-follow and made for people who want great design but would prefer to do the execution themselves. If you are looking for more help with your design project, and live in Toronto, you can always contact our team with any questions.

How long does it take to implement a Clear Plan?

Some clients do it fast, some go slower – it is up to you and the availability of your goods and resources, as in time and money – the time is only one part. The value is in the process and certainty of having a plan.

What if I don’t like items specified in my Clear Plan?

We always make sure the items we specify in your plan reflect your taste, not ours. You have an opportunity for feedback after your second meeting, you can offer to change any detail of the design you don’t like. Up to 3 changes included in your Clear Plan Design price. Once you have your Clear Plan Design, you always have the final say on what you choose to buy for your space.

About Clear Plan Design Group

Am I able to speak to a real person at Clear Plan Design?

Absolutely! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. To chat with a real person, send us an email info@clearplandesign.com requesting a phone meeting and we would be delighted to schedule one for you.

How long has Clear Plan Design Group been doing Design Plans?

We have been providing local clients with Design Plans since 2009.

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