Front Door Feng Shui All you need to know.
Anna Sotnik
“Some things you don’t know, you don’t know, but they are known to me, and today in this short post I’m gonna share them with you.”
For you guys who are not familiar with Feng Shui, it’s an ancient Chinese practice about energy of the living space, and how we position objects to get a positive Chi in our home to ensure good fortune, peace and harmony in our life. It isn’t just about money and success, it’s also about health, well being, relationships and happiness. In this short post, I’ll give you the most impotent pointers that will help you determine how good your Front Door Feng Shui is.
The Front Door is the critical space in our home, in fact, Feng Shui considers this area  the mouth of Chi, from which all opportunities flow into our lives.
Through the front door the house receives its Feng Shui nourishment of energy. The amount and quality of this energy determines the quality of energy in your home. Therefore, the front door is the most important element not to be ignored in house, in fact, Feng Shui considers this area the mouth of your house, from which all opportunities flow into our lives and new energy comes in.
1. It is highly important to have your main door beautiful, attractive and fixed. Put some flowers, planters, fresh colors, to invite energy into your home. Make it as appealing as possible!
2. Check your front door:
Does it open and close smousely?
Is the paint is peeling off or cracked?
Is there rust on any part of the door?
Is your door lock and handle in good working condition?
Make sure your doorbell is in good working order and easy located.
A poorly maintained door can take away all the positive energy in you as you enter the house.
This will grow and boost your home energy.
3. Your home number should be visible, easy to see during the day and at night. If you have more than one digit in your home number, the digits should be arranged in a following way: the first digit should be at the lowest point and the last number at the highest, in sort of a stairway faction stepping up with each digit.
The front door of this houses is hidden from plain sight.
4.The front door should be easily located by guests and should never be hidden at the back of the house.
5. The area outside the front door shall be flat, open and bright to bring you good luck and fortune. It should never have barriers. Any furniture placed outside should never be allowed to block your main door. Remove any blockages, such as shoes, coats, umbrellas, bags or planters. Always make sure that the way into your home never gets blocked since physical impediments easily translate into blockages in your life, preventing you from enjoying success in any of your endeavors.
A great example of outdoor area.
6. Test out the pathways and walkways to your front door. Imagine Chi, or energy, as water flowing toward your front door. The path to the front door should create a soothing and inviting feeling. It’s better to be curved instead of straight, to resemble roads made of nature. Difficult footing or uneven terrain will slow down the Chi energy and in severe cases, completely prevent the chi from entering your home. A straight pathway could create sharp Chi or Chi moving too fast.
Chi should always meander like a slow moving river.
7. According to the concept of Feng Shui a front door should open inwards and not outwards. A front door opening inwards is welcoming and inviting, but a door that opens out basically pushes out the visitors, making them backup if they’re standing too close to the door. A similar effect occurs with the energy that tries to get in to your home.
8. If you have a narrow entryway, you will want to add a mirror. But never place a mirror in front of the entrance, place a mirror to the sides of the door instead.
“Mirror should never face the front door directly, because the mirror will reflect all energy back out the door.”
9. The main door shall not be on the same straight line with the back door. The reason you want to avoid this situation is because all good Feng Shui energy coming through the main door will easily escape through the back door without having a chance to circulate and nourish your home. You can put a high plant, put some furniture in the middle to prevent this effect. Another option is to hang a crystal ball or crystal lamp in the center of the corridor which will scatter the energy flow and let it reach the rest of the house.
10. Never display highly personal items in the entryway, because the entryway is considered to be one of the most public spaces in our home.
“Family photos are better displayed in more private areas of the house like bedrooms or the living room. ”
11. The size of the front door should be proportionate to the property. If the front door is too big, the entry will invite more energy than needed, as a result, the opportunities will slip you by and if it is too small, it can cause disharmony within the household. The front door must also be larger than other doors inside the house.
12. Main door should be solid rather than made of glass or see-through plastic, it should make you feel safe and protected.
13. The color of your front door is an important part of its Feng Shui strength. As a general guideline, the ​front door’s color should be in harmony with the Feng Shui element of the door’s direction, or compass direction. To determine the compass direction your front door faces you can use a compass app on your smartphone.
East, or Southeast-facing door: choose a color in harmony with the Wood element. A range of green, brown, olive and wood tones.
South facing door: choose a color in harmony with the Fire element. Red, strong yellow, orange, purple, pink. But use this colors wisely! Fire has always been a symbol of divine energy and can be both destructive and creative. A balanced fire element in your home will bring joy, excitement, and strong sexual desire. An imbalance of the same element will bring either fiery arguments, restlessness and even aggression.
  • West or Northwest-facing door: choose a color in harmony with the Metal element: white, grey or silver.
  • North-facing door: choose a color in harmony with the Water element: blue, or black.
  • Southwest facing door: choose a color in harmony with the Earth element: light yellow, sandy/earthy, light brown.
14. The type and shape of plants also plays a big role in the energy flow in and around your home. Bamboo, Magnolia, Plum Blossom, Money tree and Lotus are the best choices for front door decoration but any other plants with rich dark tones and round full leaves will be great welcome plants as well.
15. Be sure that the containers you put the plants in will enhance the element of the entrance and not destroy it. As an example if the door faces north, then it’s the water element, so sandy pots will destroy water element. In this case consider something else like a metal item.
The best way to decorate your front door with Feng Shui plants is by placing the plant in both sides of your front door instead of placing it in a side only. Also the plants that you choose must be healthy.
16. Try to avoid having a big tree or traffic sign right in front of your front door. Avoid putting sharp or sharp ended pointed objects directed toward the door as well. These structures can transform quality energy into a bad one and you would not want this transformation at your front door.


The most common type of “Poison Arrow” is a T-intersection that’s facing the house.
Other types of poison arrow include a long alley that directly leads to the front door. If you feel you have poison arrows directed at your home, place a Ba Gua mirror above the door. Plant bushes or trees to protect your entryway.
17. The main door of your home should not open into a washroom, bedroom, kitchen or staircase especially a downward stairs. It should not face the straight line of other doors or corners.
18. The door should never be located directly under a toilet that is located on the floor above. One way of dealing with this problem is to shine a bright light upwards, but this may only be a temporary solution.
19. For security, place a pair of foo dogs on either side of the entrance. Foo dogs are meant to protect your home and to keep all negative energy away. These guardian lions will stop anyone with bad intentions from entering your home.
Foo dogs should always be displayed in pairs. You need one male and one female Foo dog to keep balance, harmony and completeness.
20. Hang wind chimes to call in the chi. Feng Shui Wind Chimes serve to enhance the flow of Chi and harness it to your benefit.

Never forget – your front door can block your success or can bring you joy, prosperity and happiness! Do you have any other front door Feng Shui considerations that you would add to this list? Comment below and share it with me!

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