Industrial Design

Anna Sotnik

Interior design is really about creating a quality of life, and a beauty in that life that nourishes the soul, that makes life beautiful. That’s what all this about, not just what’s in and what’s out.

When picturing industrial design, we typically think of lofts with big open windows and lots of exposed brick. When it comes to the furniture and accessories, the selection can be either modern, midcentury or even victorian or rustic. The idea of mixing “old” with “new” may explain why so many people have fallen in love with this style. Industrial style allows the freedom to embrace antique beauty while still enjoying modern convenience.
This design style allows each space to tell a special story that can never be duplicated.

Bedroom Design by Clear Plan Design studio

Elements of industrial design include:

1. Key to the industrial style are aged and unfinished textures – wood, brick, glass and stone. 

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2. Metal accents – copper, steel, brushed metal or black-painted wrought iron confirm the factory origins of the style.


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3. Leather fits the style well, particularly if it’s distressed or vintage.

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4. This style relies on using a combination of neutral shades for walls and floor covering, to create a clean look. Natural colors of wood, steel and stone make the main color palette of the space. Bold and bright colors, such as yellow, red, orange and green can be found in the color pallette on the accessories, decoration and textile,

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5. The open concept layout is another factor in industrial design, focus on making the room as open as possible. High ceiling, large windows, exposed bricks and visible pipes.

6. Freestanding floor lamps and pendant lamps in a metal finish.

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7. Oversized abstract artworks or photography.


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8. Furniture and accessories can be modern, midcentury, rustic and vintage.

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“This design style allows each space to tell a special story that can never be duplicated.” 

9. Tiles and concrete are the most common choices for flooring. No rugs or other floor coverings.


10. Plants also bring warmth to the industrial modern decor, large leaf plants in significant pots.


“When it comes to plants, the bigger the better is the formula to adopt for industrial interiors, otherwise they would be lost in the large space of a former industrial warehouse.” – sais Andreea in Impressive Interior Design.


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