What is online interior design

Your home should express your personality.

Anna Sotnik

Online interior design services; virtual interiors; eDesign, you may have heard about it, but what is it?
Some people even call it an “Interior design Revolution”.

It seems to have popped up out of nowhere, but is it the right service for you and your space or a potential waste of time and money? 

Online Interior Design by Clear Plan Design studio

The top benefits of

First and the most important benefit of the Online Interior Design is that the entire process is all done online. All communication is done via email, phone, or video chats.
It means that everything can be done on your own time, and it does not require someone coming in and out of your home, hours spent on shopping and meetings. 

The second huge benefit of Online Interior Design – it’s affordable! With e-designer, you can save a lot of money by doing some of the simple, basic steps by yourself, such as measuring your space, taking pictures, purchasing the items and placing them.

Sound like too much work for you? But trust me, it’s not.


Additionally, the scope of work is fixed which means you have a fixed cost to the package that you choose. You know exactly how much you’re spending and what you’re paying for.

The third advantage is that with such a low price you can get an extra set of eyes, eyes that are trained to see and notice things that you may not.

Highly trained professional Online Interior Designers, not just people with a good eye for colour and a knack for picking furniture – are knowledgeable about the effects of color 

and the right use of accessories to create an illusion of greater space or to provide a cozy, comfortable environment.

  • You fill out an online questionnaire of your project, from budget, dimensions, to any furniture you want to keep or planning to buy. 
  • You upload your inspiration photos. 
  • You make a lot of pictures of your existing space with dimensions.

So before the work even starts your Online Interior Designer will know everything about you and your space, and you can be sure that all of the info stays recorded and organized in one place.

Another benefit – it’s budgeting and planning.

Once you have your e-Design plan, you can take some time to process the ideas and implement them by yourself as you time and budget allow. Most e-designers provide a detailed shopping list that you can order whatever you like, whenever you like. You can wait for a sale, order in stages, or order all at once.


E-designers also provide you with detailed e-Design plan, so in addition to telling you exactly where to buy product and what the things cost, they will tell you where and how to put it and the best thing that they also pass on all their exclusive industry discounts so you can save thousands of dollars and a plenty of time!

“….which is just, you know, really exciting!” 

The final, and the most important benefit of e-design, that stood way ahead of the crowd is the 3D visualization, that most e-designers can easily provide today.

3D visualization by Clear Plan Design studio

If you struggle with visualizing how a style board or mood board would look in your space, this is the one for you. It is way easier to convey the design ideas and logics using rendered images of your space. This helps in leaving no doubts about the design and you can suggest thoughtful changes at the right time and not after your room painted and furniture purchased.
Additionally, you will always have this 3D images on your computer, or on your phone that you can bring to your contractor to build what you want, or to the shop to find the matching product or the right colour.

With all these benefits all is left to say is that good candidate for the virtual design process should have the confidence to implement the design plan and be willing to let go and trust the process.

Remember – you aren’t going to get a premium design experience for $99. You always get out what you put in.

Spend some time, check the websites, portfolios, facebook pages, Instagram and the most important – read reviews on e-designers.

After you find the one you love – relax and leave the design to the designer!
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