Shabby-Chic Design

Anna Sotnik

Interior design is really about creating a quality of life, and a beauty in that life that nourishes the soul, that makes life beautiful. That’s what all this about, not just what’s in and what’s out.

Shabby-Chic is not about your budget, it’s about your creativity, inspiration and imagination! It doesn’t matter the size or location of your property, it’s all about how you can mix the worn with the not so worn, and bring old and shabby furniture to life in one place. Shabby-Chic is a comfortable and feminine decorating style. The main concept of this style – nothing is perfect: reclaimed wooden furniture, aged laminate flooring, vintage bevelled mirrors, every piece with nostalgic “used” effect.

Library Room Design by Clear Plan Design studio

Elements of chabby-chic design include:

1. A mix of French style trimmings, wainscoting panels, and contemporary allure that fits well with various patterns and dreamy soft floral fabrics. But nothing completes the Shabby Chic ambiance more than a mix of antique and vintage accessories.

2. Empty frames, barn doors, woven baskets with chipped paint may become a fantastic piece of decor.


3. Unique lighting – flea market finds – crystal chandeliers, sconces, vintage floor and table lamps, and a lot of candles.

Where to buy this chandelier

Where to buy this lamp

4. White painted furniture with rustic wood finishes.

Where to buy this chair

5. Flooring is a hard-wood, often left in it’s natural color or painted white. 

6. White, soft beige, muted gray, pale pink, and faded green all create an amazing color palette in Shabby Chic interior.

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7. Chunky sisal carpets or textured area rugs in natural shades.

8. Mixed patterns – stripes, checks and floral patterns.


Where to buy this rug

9. Vintage mirrors, vases, photo-frames, and other old-looking and mismatched accessories.


Where to buy this vase

Where to buy this table

“This design style creates atmosphere of romance and nostalgia, with natural color palette and partly ashed furniture of vintage style.” 

10. Lace, floral prints and ruffles from the past covering low cabinets and tables.


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“Shabby chic style allows to animate the written-off and long-forgotten things. It is like creating a monolithic union of creative tacky and outmoded. But it is the oldness and the naturalness of the surrounding things determines the true value of this style. It allows creative people to create the oasis of romance and comfort at home without spending a fabulous amount of money.” – found in Small design Ideas

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